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With the pandemic burying us in our houses, everyone suddenly lost access to good coffee, cafes, and coffee shops. Our founder, Apoorv Agarwal, also felt that void, leading him straight to his kitchen, to make something that would match the taste of that freshly brewed coffee he drank at some of his most favoured cafes. And just like that, The Simple Brew was born. We started out like any other homegrown coffee business out there - in a kitchen somewhere in Mumbai, India in early 2021 in small 1 litre jugs. Simply put, The Simple Brew is the brainchild of a coffee enthusiast’s search for good and easy coffee.

Over the course of the lockdown, he realized a lot of people struggled with figuring out which coffee they wanted to buy, what roast, what grind, what equipment to use, etc. It was easy enough to come across a good bag of beans, but it took a lot of skill to brew it to perfection. There was this complexity everyone would attach to brewing coffee. We wanted to uncomplicate it.

We love good coffee, and we love to make sure more and more people can have access to it. Sure, it has the flavour and gets us all focused and energetic. But we also wanted everyone to explore it many uses and be as creative as one can get. Being the start of summer, cold brew was everyone’s go to coffee for the season. And while cold brew was great and easy to make, it had its limitations. We wanted to make something that could be used as a one stop shop to make any kind of brew one wanted.

Fast forward a year, lots of trial and error, multiple batches of concentrate, hundreds of cups of coffee consumed, lots of caffeinated late nights, and The Simple Brew was born. As the name suggests, the idea was to make good coffee simple. We wanted to give everyone access to good, brewed coffee at home but with the ease and convenience of instant coffee. We did all that hard work, so you didn’t have to. Stick to the basics with water or milk, make a mid-day refresher mocktail, add it to your chosen liquor to make an edgy cocktail, add some condensed milk and make a hassle-free Vietnamese coffee, add it to your baking mix to make a bittersweet and indulgent dessert. The possibilities are endless! No more brewing, no more waiting, no more thinking.

Why The Simple Brew? Because we took craft coffee and made it simple. You can be a coffee aficionado, enthusiast, wannabe, or a complete noob. After this, it won’t matter. After this, everyone can have good coffee.

We are The Simple Brew. Coffee, but better.

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